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“I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a little bit nervous when I showed up for my photo shoot, but Cowen was amazing.  He made me feel like a rockstar supermodel and he made me feel incredibly comfortable in my own skin.  I not only had a blast, but I left feeling sexy and empowered.  And now I have the most gorgeous pictures to remind myself everyday that I’m beautiful- no matter what my day throws at me.”


"Thank you for providing a space to feel comfortable in during the photo-shoot and the outfit changes. It was a great experience and I loved the outcome of the photos!"


“I had such a fun experience working with Cowen. I felt beautiful and so comfortable.”


“It was not my first time taking photos when I met with Cowen, but I must say it was one of the best.  Cowen exhibits a quality that makes a person instantly comfortable.  I felt at ease and beautiful while he took my photos.  I don't know if I have ever laughed as much as I had on that day with someone I just met while standing in the buff.  I would in a heartbeat do any other photo shoot with him.  My advice if you are even thinking about taking photos do it with Cowen because he is one of the best I have ever encountered.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful!”


"Fun, comfortable, made me lose all doubts and insecurities about myself."


"Cowen was very excited and energetic!  We had a very thorough talk about my ideas, hopes and general interests and hobbies so he could know exactly the look and feel I wanted.  I was very concerned about my body, my face.  My general inability to pose naturally.  He gave me plenty of assurance and helped me with every pose!"


"It's so difficult to pick a favorite part because I had fun from the moment I got there.  From Linda doing my makeup, to the outfit changes, to Cowen making me laugh (and then capturing those great moments in the photos!)  If I HAD to pick a favorite part, it would be when I was taking photos with my skates.  Skating has been a huge part of my life since I was in elementary school and it was exciting to get to show off that part of myself.

Cowen made this shoot comfortable and so much fun!  From the beginning, he made it clear that the shoot was whatever I made of it.  I could wear as much or as little as I wanted.  And he wanted to know what aspects of myself I wanted to showcase in the shoot.  And throughout the shoot he, and Linda, made sure I was comfortable.  The whole thing was a really enjoyable experience because of them.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this awesome experience that I will always remember and be proud of myself for doing.  And thank you for the photos that are a perfect reminder that I am a strong, beautiful woman!

Thank you again for the experience and I really hope that some day I can do another boudoir session with you!"


"I have done two sessions with Cowen and have had a good experience both times!  The first one was a boudoir shoot and I am sooo happy that I did it!  I was always too shy to do these but Cowen and Linda (his wife who helps with make-up and hair) made me feel comfortable and honored my boundaries (ie, I made it clear I did not want fully nude). They also helped me come up with poses since I knew nothing.  And I am glad they did because we got some fantastic photos of me, which I will cherish forever! The second one was a pandemic portraits shoot.  Cowen followed the city's business guidelines— he and I wore our face mask at all times, it was outdoors, and we kept our distance from each other.  What I appreciated even more is that Cowen reached out to me in advance to find out if I wanted to reschedule or keep my appt since there was going to be a heat wave the day of our session.  I am glad that he stayed on top of the weather report because I would not have been able to handle the session if we had kept it.  Thanks again for everything, Cowen!"


"Loved getting my boudoir photos done by Cowen. He made me feel completely comfortable and was open to my ideas. We had a lot of fun with two shoots I did. I will definitely be having my photos done by him again!"